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Universal OD/ID Cylindrical Grinders


Jones & Shipman

Universal/Surface/Profile/Creep Feed Grinders

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Jig Grinders



OD Production Grinders



ID & OD Grinding Systems

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Hardinge T-Series


T-Series turning centers set the standard in high-precision and high-performance turning that will take your part quality and manufacturing capabilities to new heights.

T-42 (6” Chuck)
T-51 (8” Chuck)
T-65 (10” Chuck)

Hardinge Quest-Series


The QUEST-Series gives you the productivity you demand for lean manufacturing with the Hardinge-exclusive patented interchangeable tool top plate which dramatically reduces setup and cycle times.

CHNC 27 &42
Gang Tool GT27SP

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Hardinge Workholding

Hardinge is the industry's premiere supplier of Workholding solutions.  We have been providing top quality products for over 100 years to all machine shops regardless of size.  With over 15 product categories Hardinge has solutions for almost every application including collets, chucks, quick-change, step chucks, collet blocks, custom applications and more!

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Spindle Tooling

Hardinge manufacturers the most popular spindle tooling in the industry.  Below you will find our popular spindle tooling options.

C-Series Collets

Screw Machine Collets

Other Lathe Collets

Swiss Collets

Expanding Collets

FlexC Collet Systems

In today's machining environment quick changeover is important to every shop!  Vulcanized collet heads provide fast changeover, high accuracy, and a wide gripping range for stock variation.

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Custom Applications

No job is too complex or unusual! Hardinge's team of experts can provide an accurate and reliable solution while minimizing your setup and handling without compromising the integrity of your machine. You'll experience less breakage and wear with Hardinge workholding products…and that means more uptime on your machine!

Custom Applications Manufacturing



The A2 spindle will accept collets, expanding collets, step chucks, jaw chucks and slotted face plates without the use of an adapter!

GD5C2 Gear-Driven Indexers
GD16C2 / GD3J2 Gear-Driven Indexers
GD160LP Low-profile Indexer
GD210LP Low-profile Indexer

Rotary Tables

Sleek, fast and accurate. Engineered to support heavy loads and high-force cutting applications while maintaining accuracy over a long life. Fast clamp and release in milliseconds gives you increased parts-per-hour.

GD16C2 / GD3J2 Gear-Driven Rotary Tables
GD160LP Low-profile Rotary Tables
GD210LP Low-profile Rotary Tables

Plate & Cube Trunnions

Imagine the possibilities for multiple-part processing - low-profile clamping, window box fixturing for 4-sided machining, toggle and saddle clamping and collet block configurations!

PT5C2 / PTA24 Plate Trunnion
PTA25 Plate Trunnion
PCTA25 Cube Trunnion

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Hardinge FAQ

Our ticker symbol is HDNG and is traded on the NASDAQ exchange.
Please visit our Historic Stock Lookup section for details on historical closing stock prices.
Our CUSIP is 412324303.
Please visit our Investment Calculator section for our stock split and dividend payment history.
Hardinge only has common shares issued and outstanding.
Please refer to the most recent form 10-Q or form 10-K in the SEC Filings section for a recent count of Hardinge Inc.'s outstanding shares.
You can purchase common shares of Hardinge Inc. through the brokerage or stock purchase service of your choice.
Hardinge Inc. does not have a direct purchase plan.
For shareholder inquiries regarding stock certificates, change or consolidation of accounts, transfer of ownership or other stock matters, please contact our transfer agent:

Computershare Investor Services LLC
PO Box 2388
Chicago, IL 60690-2388
Toll-Free: (888) 294-8217
Fax: (312) 601-4332
You can request that we send a printed copy of our recent Annual Report to you by filling out our Printed Materials Request form, or an electronic version of our annual report can be obtained by visiting our Annual Reports page.
For financial information please visit the SEC Filings section to view online versions of recent financial documents such as form 10-Q and 10-K. For an overview of recent financial results please see our Factsheet. You can also request a hard copy investor package mailing by completing our Printed Materials Request form.
We announce the date and time of our earnings releases and conference calls approximately two weeks ahead of the date of the release. Please check our Press Releases or Upcoming Events sections for more details.
Hardinge Inc. provides a link to the audio webcast and replay of earnings conference calls in the Events or Quarterly Results sections.
Please visit our Analyst Coverage section for details on analyst coverage of HDNG stock.
Our fiscal year end is December 31.
Please visit our Dividend History section for details on our current and historical dividend payments.
Shareholders on the designated record date of each quarter will be eligible for that quarter's dividend. Each quarter, upon Board of Directors' approval of the dividend, we issue a press release providing the details of that dividend, including record date and payment date.
We were first incorporated in 1931 in New York State under the name of Hardinge Brothers, Inc. We then went public under the ticker HDNG on May 19, 1995, and the name of the corporation became Hardinge Inc.
One Hardinge Drive
Elmira, NY 14902
Hardinge Inc. has subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Asia. For a full list of our subsidiaries, please refer to our most recent form 10-K in the SEC Filings section of our website.
Please visit our Corporate Governance section for information about the Company's management and Board of Directors, as well as other information about Hardinge Inc.'s corporate governance and committees.
Ernst & Young LLP
Please visit our Contact Us section for details on how to reach Hardinge Investor Relations.